Dunkan Killick, 2017

Dunkan Killick, 2017


Welcome to my website. This site is dedicated to my personal designs, art works and the 'Louise Olsen' collection. 

For over thirty years I’ve been designing for Dinosaur Designs, the company I co-founded when I was at art school, a role which I love even more now than when we started. With my Louise Olsen collection, I can bring an even more personal eye to each piece, to challenge and change and step outside the Dinosaur Designs aesthetic, taking pieces in a new direction.

I see my pieces as compositions, as sculptures that are worn on the body or that adorn interior living spaces. I love it when I look at a piece of jewellery and it can sit as an object on a table and still communicate its essence.

I have a fascination with balance and the relationship between being bold and the sensitivity of the delicate which translates in to all of my pieces having a hand-felt quality.

Working in a wonderful studio with my fantastic team and being able to develop a design from beginning to end is a never-ending discovery that makes my heart beat even faster. But most importantly, I want to give something of value that can be cherished and loved and that can make the wearer or the home feel uplifted and full of wonder.